There are many places in Gaziantep where excessive lightning is used. The main sources of light pollution are:

1- Lighting of roads, avenues and streets
2- Lighting of parks, gardens and sport fields
3- Exterior facade lighting of tourist facilities and buildings
4- Advertising boards
5- Lightening for security purposes
6- Lights overflowing from houses and buildings

Here are some examples from Gaziantep streets at night:

What measures can be taken against light pollution?

1- Instead of the spherical armatures used for decorative purposes in parks and gardens, we should use curtained lighting lamps which do not irradiate to the upper side of the horizontal plane they are located.

2- The illumination of building facades, advertising boards and billboards should be made from top to bottom.

3-In some parking areas, projectors with intense light are used on very short poles. These type of projectors should be used on poles which have a height of at least 15 meters and by being directed to the appropriate angles.

4- On roads and streets whose both sides are located with buildings, armatures which only send lights on roads and are installed transversely on steel rope suspension system.

5- In lightings for security purposes, we must use motion-sensitive systems which automatically open itself. These systems can also be used manually. Thus, we can both reduce our energy needs and make use of the deterrent effect of the light. Researches show that lighting the sky does not stop committing a crime. Because the cause of crimes is not light or dark. Criminals should not be look for in the sky.

6- TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standards should be redefined and we must apply these standards to the new lamps and luminaries to be produced.

7- We must take legal measures by establishing regulations on what kind of lamps should be used in certain places.

8- Timers should be used in showcase lightings and light sources should be closed automatically after 11 o’clock at night.

9- In areas where observatories are located, a particular protected area should be determined and more stringent laws and regulatios must be applied for those areas. For example, Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona has a circle protected area with a radius of 35 miles.

10- In places where color seperation is insignificant, we should prefer low-pressure sodium lamps.