M. Kromer in Gorlitz is a public school for more than a century of tradition, the oldest in the district. It is located in the area of the municipality of Gorlitz. In the current school year, it has about 600 students aged 16 to 19 years. Our students are trained in the fields of both science and the humanities, achieving good results in external examinations and competitions at various levels. The school prepares students for matriculation exams and continue their studies at universities and post-secondary schools.

At school, work organizations such as the School European Club (since 2001.) School Club Volunteer Club Site, Student Council, Circle Astronomical and many others.

City Gorlitz is less than 30 thousandths of a district town, located far from large industrial and urban centers. Struggling with problems such as high unemployment (13.3% in the district), restrictions on urban transport and district. The result of these problems is the high emigration of young people and the phenomenon of the so-called “euro-orphans” – children left in the care of grandparents or older siblings while their parents take paid work abroad. Since most of our students come from nearby villages, limited Access mean that they have difficulty in using the offer extra-curricular activities. Among our students are also people from dysfunctional families at risk of exclusion due to financial reasons, people with families affected by alcoholism and people with disabilities.

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