The school is named Franjo Malgaja public school, located in the small town Sentjur near Celje. The school contains about 500 pupils aged from 6 to 14 years old. The school is one of six schools in the municipality of Sentjur. About half of the students come from the city and the second part from the area Sentjur. Students from rural areas are generally less socially adapted than other students, which may lead to lower their motivation to learn and expectations. In addition to the school program one of the ways to create a tolerant, open society is to engage students in extracurricular activities and projects, such as the project in the Erasmus +.

All students in the school implement the same program before moving on to high school. Students from 14 years of age, they learn to similar objects until the end of high school, so they have regular lessons in geography, information technology, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. These students are particularly interested in working in an additional program that will expand their knowledge, experience and give them the opportunity to work with other young people.

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