LIGO make direct detection of Gravitational Waves

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The gravitational waves are generated in the most violent events in the cosmos, merging black holes, supernova explosions or the Big Bang. LIGO detectors capture directly the first sign of these curves in space-time. Their existence is a natural consequence of … Continued

Slovenia Teacher

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1st Erasmus+ Meeting of Teachers   From the 19th to 21th of October 2015 the 1st transnational meeting of teachers from partner schools took place in Gorlice. Our school was represented by Cemil Gülbahar, project coordinator, and Fatma Atlı. We could see how … Continued

Romanya Kolajlar

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5th Erasmus+ Meeting in Pecica, February 2017   The meeting took place between 3rd and 7th April 2017. Erasmus+ team was hosted by the community of “Liceul Teoretic Gheorghe Lazar”. This was the fifth and last meeting in the project. Our … Continued


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3rd Erasmus + Meeting in Granadilla de Abona, October 2016   The 3rd Erasmus+ Meeting in “Reach the Sky” project took place in IES Magallanes in Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife, Spain. We stayed there between 24rd- 28th October 2016. Our … Continued

Poland Collage

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2nd Erasmus + Meeting in Gorlice, Poland (4th – 8th November 2016)   The second Erasmus+ Meeting took place in April in Gorlice, Poland. 24 students and 9 teachers from partner countries (Spain, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey) visited the Polish partner I Liceum … Continued

Star Trackers

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Stars Trackers They called them Computers The history of the largest program of variable stars search and study of all time was written by women. In the late nineteenth century at Harvard women were hired in order to analyze and … Continued


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1st Erasmus + Meeting in Šentjur, Slovenia (24th- 30th November 2015)   The first international meeting of partner schools participating in the project “Reach the Sky” (within   Erasmus+ programme) was organized by Franjo Malgaj Primary in Šentjur in Slovenia.  In the last week of November, … Continued

Calender of Activities

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AUGUST 2017 *A8: Running the project website A34: Running a web-page on the school’s website (Project Diary) JULY 2017 *A8: starting and running the project website A34: Running a web-page on the school’s website (Project Diary) JUNE 2017 *A8: Running … Continued

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