Mustafa Gürbüz Necat Bayel Anadolu Lisesi is a secondary school situated in Gaziantep. Bayel High School has been one of the well-respected schools in Gaziantep for 11 years. The students having their education in our school are already distinguished since they came to our school by having scored good marks on a highly competitive national exam.


One thing that sets Bayel High School apart is the care and support that our students receive. essay editing Our teachers take a student-centered approach in the classrooms in order to realize the individual talents of each student while inspiring them to be life-long learners.


Our main interest in being involved in this kind of international project is getting to know other nations and cultures as we believe that it is the most effective way to create a beter world in which people can live in peace and harmony. We consider that a multilateral contact with collagues from other countries will enlarge our educational background and give us the opportunity to share our experiences regarding the new teaching methods as well as helping our students to improve their knowledge of foreign languages and to become aware of different cultures by enriching their knowledge of European countries, heritages and values.

Our school has experience in applying for and carrying out projects under LLP. It was a partner to Comenius project “European Journey Through Legends” and cooperated very well with other participants. The teachers in our school have already implemented projects on local, national and transnational level. They are creative and open-minded people who motivate their students to take initiative and play an active role in making the world a better place and become more responsible EU citizens. write a essay The school cooperates well with the Municipality so it will be possible to visit Planetarium building which presents educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation. So students and teachers will have an opportunity to participate in the celestial scenes created using a wide variety of technologies. Our school is convinced that project’s aspect, will create a dialogue in which young students will actually explore themselves while exploring the universe and will conclude that we are not so different from each other and that the culture of each country is a valuable contribution to the tremendous puzzle of united Europe’s culture.