LIGO make direct detection of Gravitational Waves

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The gravitational waves are generated in the most violent events in the cosmos, merging black holes, supernova explosions or the Big Bang. LIGO detectors capture directly the first sign of these curves in space-time. Their existence is a natural consequence of the General Theory of Relativity and Einstein said so in 1916. The last major prediction of Albert Einstein about the universe just confirmed a century later: gravitational waves exist and LIGO interferometers in the US, was the first in detecting it directly. The announcement was made in a press conference in Washington and broadcast on the Internet. Scientific findings have been accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters, as reported in a note in Caltech (Caltech).

The scientists describe the finding as “An historical discovery which opens a new way to study the cosmos.” Gravitational waves allow studying how black holes are formed, how many there are and hear more about the life cycle of stars and the universe.


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