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5th Erasmus+ Meeting in Pecica, February 2017


The meeting took place between 3rd and 7th April 2017. Erasmus+ team was hosted by the community of “Liceul Teoretic Gheorghe Lazar”. This was the fifth and last meeting in the project. Our school was represented by teachers-  Mr Cemil Gülbahar – project coordinator, Mr Mehmet Kara, Mr Sadık Çetin and the students- Ömer Faruk Güdül, Esra Bağcı, İrem Verda Çor Melda Gülten, Tüyan Sude Erten, Muhammet Meriç Özyurt, Mihrimah Burcu Kapukaya.


3rd April- Monday

In the morning, we were welcomed by our hosts with bread and salt- a traditional welcome in the region of Carpathia Region. The bread is the symbol of Pecica, so guests were happy to try this speciality.

After getting to know the school, we had a session of taking photos by using EarthKam- the education programme of NASA, where students could take photos of the Earth using NASA’ s satellites.

Next, we went to Pecica, where we saw this town and met its authorities. We learned about history of the town and the region and of its multinationalism- it is home to Romanians, Hungarians, Serbs, Slovaks and Romani people. Also, there are a lot of religions coexisting in Pecica. Pecica and the region connects tradition and modernity- we visited a buffalo farm (the tradition of flock tending) on which a digital museum is located. There, we made some presentations on how to teach Astronomy to the kids. We also attended to a lecture about carrying out observations and astronomical equipment, given by Mr Marc Frincu from Timisoara University and Andrei Junavle from astronomical club.  Later on, we watched shepherd dogs at work and tried local specialties at dinner.


4th April- Tuesday

In the morning we set off to Arad- a big city which is not far from Pecica. We got to know the history and the attractions of this city. The monuments and buildings made a great impression on us, partly thanks to an interesting talk from a nice tourist guide who told us about Arad. After this visit, we travelled to Timişoara where we spent a great afternoon visiting Experimentarium- a place where visitors can make a great deal of experiments connected with physics, especially laws of physics in everyday life. Workers of Timisoara University Dr. Zeno Schlett and Mr. Ioan Damian explained us the laws governing the experiments that we carried out. It was a great experience. Their explanations were so understandable that we believe we will remember them for a long time.


Wednesday 5th- Thursday 6th April 2017

On this day we set off to the north of Romania, to Baia Mare, the capital city of Maramures Region. There, we visited Planterarium, where we spent a few hours getting to know about stars. We saw a film about Romanian traditions connected with constellations, which have always been present in Romanian culture. Then we had workshops under artificial sky. We learnt what the sky looked like 10000 years ago over the North Pole and also what it will look like in the distant future. Also, thanks to the beautiful weather, we could observe the real sky and the Sun through telescopes.

The other part of the day was devoted to culture and history. We visited the large open air museum with traditional housing of Maramures Region- old houses, wooden churches, and traditional carved gates made this place unforgettable. The oldest wooden house there was almost 400 years old! We also visited Cimiturul Vessel- Merry Cemetery in Săpânța. This extraordinary place is a cemetery, where graves are decorated with colourful crosses, painted in blue with many other colours. You can find information on the person buried there in writing or on a traditional picture- how they died or what they did for a living, sometimes with a funny poem. We simply loved this place.


Friday 7th April 2017

Friday was the last day of the Meeting. We took part in evaluation session and in certificate ceremony and later we used this day to deepen our friendships and get to know the area better. We did not want to leave the place and our friends, but we were happy that thanks to “Reach the Sky” project we learned a lot about our universe and had a chance to share all the richness of our personalities.



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