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2nd Erasmus + Meeting in Gorlice, Poland (4th – 8th November 2016)


The second Erasmus+ Meeting took place in April in Gorlice, Poland. 24 students and 9 teachers from partner countries (Spain, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey) visited the Polish partner I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. M. Kromera in Gorlice. Our school was represented by teachers-  Mr Cemil Gülbahar – project coordinator, Mr Hanifi Güz and the students- Abdurrahman Kurt, Afra Tuba Dereli, Kerem Eryılmaz, Umut Özkaya, Yağmur Yiğit.


Monday 4th April 2016

We reached the school at 2 o’clock. We were welcomed by the school’s headmaster and school community in the gymnastic hall. First, three students of Kromer school performed The Anthem of European Union.

Then all of us introduced ourselves to everybody and watched a funny presentation prepared by a class of host school. We saw our Polish partner’s school and got to know the Polish educational system in theory (by questions and answers) and in practice (by taking part in English lessons). Everybody had a good time.

In the afternoon, all the guest students and Polish students were divided into mixed groups and they took part in a street game- “Orbiting Kromer”. Through participation in the game, teenagers got to know the knowledge about Kromer School, its history, patron and interesting places in Gorlice. Around school’s premises and the town there were special sites located which participants had to visit. There they had to do tasks in order to get points. To get them, knowledge had to be accompanied with imagination, cunning, attention and creativity!  The 3 hours which the game took flew very fast.


Tuesday, 5th April 2017

This day was divided into two parts. In the morning Erasmus+ group visited the city of Krakow. We walked around the old city. Thanks to beautiful weather we managed to see many highlights of Krakow starting from The Wawel Hill and Castle, the Vistula River, Mariacki Cathedral and the Town Square. It was really worth seeing- we recommend the city to everyone!

In the late afternoon we went to Niepołomice, a small town near Kraków, where Astronomical Observatory is located. There we listened to the lectures given by Mr Grzegorz Sek, worker of the observatory, and carried out observations of the night sky. We learned that, in the past, Niepołomice Observatory was surrounded by primeval forest, so the conditions for night observations used to be excellent. However, because of urban sprawl, the sky is not so dark now as it used to be. Despite this, we managed to observe Jupiter and its four main moons.


Wednesday 6th April 2017

On this day we organized an important event- international conference entitled “Light Pollution”. During this event, there were 2 lectures given in English- “Astrotourism in Malopolska Region” by Mr Janusz Nicewicz and “Dark Sky Reserves and Light Pollution” by Mr Robert Bury. Thanks to the lectures, we got to know the history and present situation of astrotourism and got familiar with the fairly new concept of Dark Sky and Light Pollution. After the lectures, winners of “Switch off the Light- Save Energy” were chosen, announced and given prizes. There were about 20 works, mainly made by using computer graphics technique.


Thursday 7th April 2017

The fourth day of the visit was filled with hard work. In the morning students took part in workshops, where they got a lot of practical information about taking photos of night sky and celestial objects from Mr Paweł Barszcz. The other guest, Bogdan Wszołek, PhD told everybody how his hard work and determination made his dream come true. Thanks to these, he built his own astronomical observatory in a small village in south- east Poland. He told us about the construction and plans for the future of the observatory.

In the afternoon we set off to Radocyna- a place in Gorlice area which can be called a dark sky area. There we filled the time with practical exercises. We re-created the solar System in the scale, we determined the points of compass and observed the Sun before it set. In the meantime students played an international volleyball game and roasted sausages by the bonfire (some students tried this for the first time in their lives). After the sunset we continued observations of the sky- Jupiter’s red spot was noticeably red when we observed it in Radocyna. This day allowed students to integrate and have a great time together.


Friday 8th April 2017

On this day we said good bye to each other as it was the final day of the visit. After the certificate ceremony, we went on the last trip to Krynica. Thanks to the trip we could observe the surrounding area of Gorlice and Krynica- low hills of Beskid Niski and Beskid Sądecki. Next we visited the town of Krynica which is a famous spa with mineral waters and health resorts. Thanks to the trip, we got to know the history and culture of the region of southern Poland.

During this unforgettable time we overcame language and cultural barriers, got to know each other and started new friendship, and got rid of our stereotypes.


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